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Avoid These 1031 Pitfalls.

What are the pitfalls experienced Exchangers always avoid?

Many Exchangers don't real that the 1031 exchange industry is largely unregulated. For this reason it is critical that you select a facilitator who understands the process as well as what it takes to ensure your exchange proceeds are safely handled.

Nobody knows this process better than Judicial 1031. And, we've integrated both the industry's best processing expertise and the unparalleld security of Qualified Escrow Accounts into a 1031 solution that is the best available anywhere.

1031 exchange expertise and funds security.

The right relationship is everything.

1031 exchanges are a regular part of our everyday business in managing investment portfolios. We utilize Judicial 1031 exclusively because we know we will always experience a seamless process and top notch security for our exchange funds.

Reg Grimstraum, Ted Storch
- Principals, Knox Investment Properties